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Welcome to Atlas Automotive, the trusted local choice for automotive cooling system services located at 2710 N. Julia St. in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As the heart of this beautiful region, we’re proud to extend our committed and high-quality automotive service to the Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, and surrounding areas. With the expertise of our dedicated team of professionals, we provide comprehensive automotive cooling system services that keep your car’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. Give us a call any time at (208) 664-0300 to schedule an appointment or schedule it online here.

Understanding the importance of a well-functioning cooling system is a crucial part of vehicle ownership. The cooling system serves the critical function of maintaining your engine’s optimal operating temperature, preventing overheating, and enhancing overall vehicle performance. Whether you drive a foreign or domestic, car or truck, our expert technicians can diagnose, repair, and service your cooling system to the highest industry standards. At Atlas Automotive, we prioritize your vehicle’s optimal performance and longevity.

Cooling System Services We Offer

The Coolant Exchange Service we offer is a service package that maintains your engine’s cooling system as a whole. We recommend having your coolant exchange service done once a year. Click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call.


  • Power Flushes the entire cooling system
  • Removes rust, scale, and sludge
  • Safe for the environment due to recycled coolant


  • Extends the life of hoses, water pump, heater core, thermostat, and radiator
  • Reduces operation temperature of the cooling system and automatic transmission

Other Cooling System Services We Offer

Here is a list of some other cooling system services we offer to our customers. When you have a cooling system problem, remember to give us a call or stop by our shop in Coeur d’Alene.

Radiator Service

At Atlas Automotive, we understand the importance of a well-functioning radiator in your vehicle. Our radiator service includes comprehensive inspection, repair and if necessary, replacement, ensuring optimal heat exchange to prevent overheating. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in maintaining radiators in peak condition, ensuring your vehicle operates securely and reliably.

Coolant Service

Our coolant service is designed to keep your engine running efficiently. Regular coolant service is crucial to prevent overheating, corrosion, lubrication issues and freeze-ups in the cold season. We flush out the old coolant, clean the system and refill it with a quality coolant that ensures optimal temperature regulation in your vehicle’s engine.

Thermostat Service

The thermostat is a vital component of your vehicle’s cooling system. At Atlas Automotive, we offer thorough thermostat services, including testing for functionality and, when necessary, replacement. This service aims to keep your engine’s temperature in the ideal range and prevent problems such as overheating.

Hose Replacement

Flexible hoses are integral parts of your cooling system, and their condition can heavily influence the system’s efficiency. We proactively check for wear and tear, leaks and weakness in these hoses. Our technicians at Atlas Automotive can provide a prompt hose replacement where necessary, to ensure a smoothly operating cooling system.

Water Pump Service

Our water pump service is fundamental to maintaining the longevity of your engine. The water pump circulates coolant around the engine, keeping it cool. When it malfunctions, your engine is at risk of overheating. At Atlas Automotive, we provide comprehensive water pump services, including repairing and replacing water pumps when necessary.

Cooling Fan Repair

Your vehicle’s cooling fan plays a key role in maintaining the engine’s optimal temperature. We carry out cooling fan repair to combat issues like fan failure which could result in the engine overheating. Our technicians at Atlas Automotive are experienced in rapidly identifying and rectifying cooling fan problems.

Radiator Cap Replacement

A functional radiator cap is essential to maintaining a sealed cooling system. If your radiator cap isn’t working right, it can lead to coolant leaks and overheating. At Atlas Automotive, we provide radiator cap replacement to prevent such issues from happening.

Heater Core Service

We offer top-notch heater core service to ensure you stay warm in your car and your windshield remains frost-free. Being a critical part of the cooling system, a well-functioning heater core ensures the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

Cooling System Leak Repair

Even a small leak can bring a lot of trouble for your cooling system. At Atlas Automotive, we offer cooling system leak repair services, ensuring the coolant remains within the cooling system and prevents overheating and other related issues.

Cooling System Blockage removal

Blockages can significantly hamper the efficiency of a cooling system. We are adept at diagnosing and removing blockages within the system, ensuring the coolant flows freely and efficiently throughout the engine.

Cooling System Overheating solution

Overheating can lead to detrimental engine damage. At Atlas, we offer cooling system overheating solutions to combat overheating, safeguarding the lifespan and performance of your engine.

Coolant Flush

Our coolant flush service expels old, contaminated coolant, together with any debris from your vehicle’s cooling system, to restore the system’s efficiency. This service is instrumental in preventing rust, corrosion and overheating.

Coolant Fill

The correct quantity and quality of coolant are crucial for the efficient functioning of your cooling system. At Atlas, we carry out a comprehensive coolant fill service, ensuring your cooling system is adequately stocked with the correct type and level of coolant.

Cooling System Inspection

Our technicians offer meticulous cooling system inspection services. They examine every component, checking for issues such as leaks, blockages and aging, to ensure early detection and prevention of problems.

Cooling System Maintenance Service

At Atlas Automotive, we provide premier cooling system maintenance services, including periodic inspections, cleaning, and necessary replacements. This enhances your vehicle’s longevity and maintains optimal cooling system performance.

Cooling System Repair Service

Our qualified technicians are skilled at diagnosing issues and providing efficient cooling system repair services. They can effectively troubleshoot and fix any issues, ensuring your vehicle’s cooling system is running optimally.

Coolant Bleeding

Air bubbles trapped in your coolant can prevent it from flowing properly and cooling your engine. We provide effective coolant bleeding, eliminating these air pockets to ensure the coolant circulates effectively.

Cooling System Pressure Diagnosis

Your cooling system operates under pressure. At Atlas Automotive, we provide professional cooling system pressure diagnosis to check for any signs of leaks or weak points, ensuring your cooling system is functioning at its peak.

Cooling System Gaskets Replacement

The gaskets in your cooling system ensure that the coolant does not leak out and remains contained within the system. Over time, gaskets can wear out and fail. Atlas Automotive provides a gasket replacement service, ensuring a fully sealed and efficient system.

Cooling System Rust Treatment

Rust in your cooling system can reduce its effectiveness. We offer rust treatment services that clean out rust and corrosion, prolonging the system’s life and maintaining your vehicle’s overall performance.

Cooling System Gas Bubble Removal

Gas bubbles in your coolant can impede proper circulation. At Atlas, we offer services to remove these gas bubbles and maintain optimal flow within the system.

Coolant Recycling

We believe in sustainable practices. Therefore, we offer coolant recycling service that allows for the safe disposal and repurposing of old coolant. This practice helps protect the environment while maintaining the performance integrity of your vehicle’s engine.

Important Cooling System Information

It’s not just about keeping your engine cool—it’s about ensuring the precise balance between temperature extremes, protecting your engine’s innards, and preventing the kind of damage that can sideline your vehicle without warning. From antifreeze to cooling system efficiency, each component plays a critical role in the overall health of your car.

The list below has important cooling system information. It includes the intricacies of each component of the cooling system and why meticulous attention to detail is crucial. Our expertise extends beyond just the basics; we offer comprehensive care for your vehicle’s cooling system, ensuring every drive is smooth and every engine hums with the contentment of being in top condition.


Antifreeze, also known as engine coolant, is an essential substance in your vehicle’s cooling system. This specialized fluid reduces the freezing point of the system in winter and increases the boiling point in summer, providing year-round heat regulation within your engine. Antifreeze also contains properties that inhibit corrosion and promote heat transfer to keep your engine performing optimally.

Coolant Reservoir

The coolant reservoir, sometimes known as the overflow tank, is where the coolant resides outside the cooling system when it is not being circulated through the engine. The reservoir helps maintain the cooling system’s pressure balance, allowing the coolant to expand and contract with temperature changes. Regular inspection of the reservoir for leaks and maintaining the correct coolant level is crucial for system efficiency.

Coolant Temperature

Coolant temperature is a vital parameter to monitor in maintaining the health of a vehicle’s engine. When the engine is running, the coolant absorbs heat, preventing the engine from overheating. Too high a coolant temperature may indicate an issue such as insufficient coolant, radiator blockage, or a malfunctioning water pump.

Cooling System Sensors

Sensors play a crucial role in managing the cooling system by providing real-time information about the coolant temperature to the vehicle’s computer. These sensors trigger the opening and closing of the thermostat or activate the cooling fans depending on the readings. This ensures the system optimally regulates engine temperature at all times.

Cooling System Corrosion

Over time, a cooling system can develop corrosion, especially if the coolant is not replaced at the recommended intervals. Corrosion can lead to blockages, which compromise the system’s efficiency and can cause engine overheating. Regular coolant service and the use of anti-corrosion coolant can help prevent this.

Insufficient-Flow In The Cooling System

Insufficient flow of the coolant in the cooling system may result from a worn water pump, clogged coolant lines, or a stuck thermostat. These can reduce the rate at which heat is dissipated from the engine, leading to overheating issues. Regular system maintenance is key for avoiding such issues.

Coolant Freezing

Coolant freezing can occur in extremely cold temperatures if the coolant does not have the correct antifreeze concentration. A frozen coolant cannot circulate, leading to rapid overheating of the engine even in freezing temperatures. It is crucial to use a coolant with the right antifreeze specification for your local climate to prevent this.

Coolant Boiling

An overheating engine can lead to coolant boiling, which harms the cooling system and engine. This is usually caused by a malfunctioning component, insufficient coolant, or a wrong coolant blend with low boiling point. Regular system checks and maintenance can help detect and resolve these issues early.

Coolant Disposal

Used coolant should not be disposed of in drains or soil as it can harm the environment. It contains ethylene glycol, which is toxic. After performing a coolant change or flush, ensure that it is captured, stored appropriately, and given to a certified coolant recycling facility.

Coolant Quality

Quality of the coolant used in your vehicle is very important. A high-quality coolant provides better protection against freezing or boiling and offers superior corrosion protection for the cooling system’s various components. Always make sure that the correct specified coolant for your vehicle’s make and model is being used.

Cooling System Performance

The performance of your cooling system is critical to your vehicle’s overall performance. A well-maintained cooling system efficiently removes excess heat from the engine, keeps the engine running at the optimal temperature, and prevents issues such as overheating, engine block cracks, and cylinder head warping.

Cooling System Safety

Cooling system safety is a matter of importance. An unsafe or malfunctioning cooling system can lead to hot coolant spills that can cause burns. In worst-case scenarios, a vehicle can break down due to a poorly maintained cooling system, which leaves you stranded or leads to an entirely damaged engine.

Cooling System Technicians

Trained and experienced technicians are integral to a well-maintained cooling system. These technicians interpret sensor data, observe physical cues and apply their training to diagnose, repair, and maintain the cooling system effectively.

Cooling System Efficiency

The efficiency of a cooling system has direct effects on the overall vehicle performance. An efficient cooling system keeps the engine’s temperature in the optimal range, enhancing its lifespan and fuel efficiency. Regular inspection and servicing, correct coolant choice, and immediate repair of leaks and blockages all contribute to the system’s efficiency.

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